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Money Back Guarantee is available for eligible applicants.

We pride ourself as a Transparent, Straight-Forward and No Hidden Fee Visa & Work Permit Processing Company.

Specialized in Non-Immigrant "B" Visa & Work Permit and Non-Immigrant "O' Visa (Marriage Visa)

What do we offer?

We assist foreigners who want to stay in Thailand for a much longer time legally by obtaining proper Visas and Work Permits. This means no Visa Runs, this means you can rent a condominium legally, open a bank account normally and also work here in Thailand for other companies or for yourself. If you are looking to get married with a Thai Citizen, please click here to check out our Non-Immigrant "O" Visa (Marriage Visa).

Transparent. Straight-Forward. No Hidden Fee

Who is this for?

Love Thailand and want to stay here longer (years) without the need to worry about Visa Runs, Immigration Checks as well as to be eligible for simple convenience such as to have a Local Bank Account, Renting a Long Stay Condominium at the ordinary rate, then you need to have a proper Visa (not tourist) and probably a Work Permit too which allow you to work here legally. By law, you'll need a Work Permit even though you're working for yourself.

If you're as described above, you will need to hold a valid Non-Immigrant "B" Visa and a Work Permit.

What's the difference between a Non-Immigrant "B" Visa and a Work Permit?

We have many clients asking us about this and this is our simplest form of explanation. To legally stay and work here in Thailand, you need to comply with 2 government departments. The first one - Thailand Immigration Bureau and the 2nd one is the Ministry of Labour. Non-Immigrant "B" Visa is issued by The Immigration Bureau and the Work Permit is issued by the Ministry of Labour and unlike the systems in some countries such as Australia, these 2 departments are not linked therefore you need to apply and comply for each separately.

How are we different from the rest


We all understand things work differently in different countries and for our desire of living in Thailand for this case, we must appreciate, respect and understand their system and to live with it graciously.

Our Fees.

Our fees are usually separated into 3 components.

  • Professional Fee
  • Government Fee
  • Convenience Fee
Professional Fee covers everything from our specialist consultation, documents preparation, translation, notarization, transport fee and etc.
Government Fee is the stipulated actual government fee.
Convenience Fee is the fee that makes things work smoother or to compensate for "missing documents".

How does a Non-Immigrant "B" Visa & Work Permit work?

Let us help you to understand the overall concept of how this 2 (Non-Immigration "B" Visa and Work Permit) works in the eyes of Thai Government Departments.


Through some special arrangement, we CAN assist those who are already in Thailand on a Tourist Visa to convert it to a Non-Immigrant "B" Visa WITHOUT the need of exiting the country.

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    The fees you'll need to pay is between THB22,000 - THB25,000 for most cases.
    Fees Breakdown
    Professional Fee THB22,000
    Convenience Fee THB0 - THB3,000 for most cases

    You'll be advised of the exact amount after our initial meeting or consultation.

If you fall under this category and do not have any other problems on your Visa such as Over Stay (for those who are affected by COVID-19, you're consider in good standing if you extend your Visa according to the available Amnesty Rules), this service comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee and the Maximum Turnaround time for this is 10 working days.

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If you do not have an employer who is willing to sponsor your Non B Visa and Work Permit, check out our Best Selling Plan:

Company Incorporation + Non B Visa + Work Permit

Who is this Plan for?

Individuals who wants to have a guaranteed Non B Visa and Work Permit to stay in Thailand and/or for those who would like to bring their family (father, mother, spouse and children below 20) along to stay in Thailand under Dependant Visa (Non O Visa).

How much?

The total cost for Company Incorporation + Non B Visa + Work Permit plan is

THB155,000 or USD4,350

Exclusive of VAT

What is included?

  • Set Up a Thai Limited Company — 2 Million Baht Capital
  • 1 Thai Nominee Shareholder
  • VAT Registration
  • Social Security Registration
  • 4 Thai Employees-as-a-Service — 3 months
  • Legal instrument to protects you as the real owner of the company
  • Issuance of Non B Visa — with 3 months validity
  • Work Permit from the Labor Office — 1 year validity
  • Necessary documentation to allow you open a Company Bank Account
  • Extension of Non B Visa — with 1 year validity
  • VAT Approved Virtual Office & Call Answering Service — 1 year
  • Accounting & Tax Reporting Service — 3 months
  • VIP Usher service at Immigration & Labor Office when you submit or collect your passport

Pay 60% today and the remaining 40% only after you've received your 1 Year Work Permit.

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Save over THB65,500 today when you sign up for our all-inclusive Company Setup, Non B Visa & Work Permit Package

Stand-alone Pricing

2 Million Baht Company Incorporation + VAT Registration + VAT Approved Virtual Office (1 year) THB83,500
Nominee Shareholder (1 year) THB25,000
Thai-Employees-as-a-Service THB48,000 (3 months)
Tourist Visa to Non B Visa Conversion THB42,000
Non B Visa & Work Permit Application THB80,000
Accounting & Tax Reporting THB19,500 (3 months)
VIP Usher at Immigration & Labour Office THB5,000

Package Pricing — Only THB155,000

You save: THB148,000

Interested to find out more about Company Incorporation + Non B Visa + Work Permit plan? Contact us below.

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One of the key benefits of having a Work Permit is it allows you to apply for Non O Visa (Dependant) for your immediate family (wife/husband, children, your father or mother). They could be on a Non O Visa for the same period of time as your Non B Visa and is renewable as well.


For each Non O (Dependant) Visa

Applicant should be outside of Thailand

What's next

Step 1

Once you've got your Non-Immigrant "B" Visa you can now proceed to process your Work Permit.

Step 2

Apply for Work Permit

Once you've obtain your Non-Immigrant "B" Visa, you can now apply for your Work Permit. This step is rather straight forward. If you're found a job, that company needs to initiate the process for you and most of the time, they are the one paying for this. Our fees to process a Work Permit for qualified Company is only THB15,000 however if you are setting up your own business and intend to use your business to hire yourself, you will need to hire 4 Thai Nationals and put them under proper employment and enrol them into the Social Security System before your company is qualify to employ a Foreigner (and for this case it is you).

Contact us to find out more today! Schedule an appointment with our Visa & Work Permit Specialists via or give us a call at 020360699 to make an appointment for a FREE Visa & Work Permit Consultation.

Final Step

To attain permission to stay and work in Thailand for 1 year.

Assuming you've got your Non-Immigrant "B" Visa and your Work Permit, the final step is to extend your Non-Immigrant "B" visa to match with your Work Permit.

Note: Your initial Non-Immigrant "B" Visa is only valid for 90 days.

For this, our Work Permit & Visa Team can also assist you with it for a professional fee of THB15,000 and a convenience fee of THB3,000 (for most cases).

Let our Experience Work Permit & Visa Team take care of it for you. Book an appointment now! Call us at 020360699 or schedule an appointment via

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