Complete package to start your own Import / Export business in Thailand

You can start importing / exporting products into Thailand within 1 month unless specialize permit is required.

Company Incorporation

You'll need to incorporate a VAT registered company in Thailand

Import/Export License

You'll need to apply for a general Import/Export License (usually valid for 3 years).


If you are importing / exporting controlled products, you need to obtain specific permit from the agencies that govern it.

Specialize permits are required if you intend to import/ export goods listed below

These products are govern by different agencies and the permit application may take between 1 to 3 months.

The importation of processed foods, medical devices, vitamins, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products (medicines) requires a Food and Drug Administration authorization from the Ministry of Health.

The trade in minerals is subject to a strict rule: without the appropriate authorization, it is prohibited to import more than two kilograms of tungsten oxide and tin ores and metallic tin.

Antiques, works of art, museum and historical exhibits may not be shipped without authorization from the Director General of Fine Arts

Weapons, ammunition, explosives, fireworks and prohibited firearms are prohibited from the production, purchase, use or import unless they have the appropriate license Of the Ministry of the Interior.

If you have any inquiries, simply reach out to us and one of our Import / Export Specialist.

General overview of the whole import / export process in Thailand

Step 1
Fill an official declaration:

You can fill the Customs Form 99 or 99/1 manually or via the e-Customs system.

Step 2
Provide supporting official documents:
  • Cargo report or air waybill (air freight)or bill of lading (sea freight)
  • 3 copies of the invoice
  • Packing list
  • Insurance mentioned on the invoice
  • Release form (customs form 100/1 or 469)
  • Foreign transaction form if the import value exceeds 500 000 Baht
  • Import license (if applicable)
  • Certificates of Origin (if applicable)
  • Other relevant documents such as catalogs, product specifications, etc.

Step 3
Submit the Customs Statement and Support Documents:

Once at the port of entry, you must provide the Declaration of Importation and the supporting documents so that they are checked by the customs.

The customs authorities will ensure that the documents are completed and that there is no missing supporting document attached. The authorities will also control the customs tariff, the calculation of duties and taxes and the valuation of goods.

Step 4
Pay the applicable import duties and taxes using one of these methods:
  • Payment to the Customs Department
  • Electronic Funds Transfer via BOT’s BAHTNET
  • Electronic payment to Krung Thai Bank
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via EDI

Step 5
Inspect and release customs cargo:
The imported goods will then be inspected by customs inspectors. The inspected parcel must correspond to the declaration submitted by the importer so that the customs inspectors validate and register the computer control and then release the goods to the importer.

If you are just starting out, we can assist you with the process from incorporating your Thai Limited Company to applying for a import/export license and our import/export expert can also help to you apply for the specific import/export permit if the goods you are importing requires additional licenses.


How much is it to start an import/export business

Setting up a VAT Registered Thai Limited Company

Starts from



Apply for a Import/Export License for your Thai Limited Company

Import/export license can only be issued to a Company, not an individual personal.



valid for 2 years


Apply for specific import permit

Price depends on the goods

ie: goods that are classed as pharmaceutical products will require FDA approval and this will take months as individual ingredients are checked.


FDA Registration and License

If the product you intend to import or export require FDA clearance, your company must first register with FDA first




FDA Testing & Application


per item

Could take up to 6 months for approval


Import & Export License Renewal


valid for 2 years

We are here to help foreigners and locals to start & operate business efficiently in Thailand.

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