Complete Package for Foreigners who wants to do business & stay in Thailand

Like many other foreigners who wish to reside in Thailand, one of the most common ways as well as financially beneficial is to Start your own Company here / Relocate your Company to Thailand therefore you can run your business and at the same time use your own Thai Company to 'hire' yourself and provide yourself with a Work Permit. If you're considering this route to reside in Thailand, we've just the perfect Plan for you. Thailand has a young and vibrant economy. Over 75 million populations and has plenty of local and foreign talents and is the nucleus of SE Asia, connecting China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and all the way south into Malaysia and Singapore.

Complete Package for Company Registration and Incorporation in Thailand

Incorporation of a Thailand Limited Company + Non-B Visa + Work Permit


Services to be received

  • Set Up a Thai Limited Company (2 Million Baht Capital)
  • Joint Venture (Thai and Foreigner) Service (1 year)
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • VAT Registration (1 year)
  • VAT Approved Virtual Office & Call Answering Service (1 year)
  • Social Security Registration
  • 4 Thai Employees-as-a-Service — until your 1 year Work Permit is issued (max 3 months)
  • Accounting & Tax Reporting Service — until your 1 year Work Permit is issued (max 3 months)
  • Issuance of Non-B Visa (3 months)
  • Work Permit from the Labor Office (1 year)
  • Extension of Non-B Visa (1 year)
  • Assistance with Opening a Company Bank Account
  • Assistance at Immigration & Labor Office when you submit or collect your passport


1/ Your first Non-B Visa must be issued by a Thai Embassy outside of Thailand. Only Special Cases can be considered for in-country Tourist Visa to Non-B Visa conversion.

2/ We also offer you assistance with finding full-time employees (recruitment service) after 3 months

3/ If you have existing Thai Staff, you may be eliglbe for some discount

The Benefits

  • We've assisted over 500 foreginers and their loved ones to obtain Non-B Visa and Work Permit in Thailand
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • You can apply for this Company Incorporation + Non-B Visa + Work Permit Package while you are overseas and you can enter Thailand on a NON-B Visa obtained from the Thai Embassy in your country

For those who want to remain in Thailand and need his/her Tourist Visa converted to Non-B Visa without leaving Thailand, we can assist you with it for a convenience fee of THB30,000

The Requirements

For a Thai Limited Company to qualify to hire a Foreigner (including yourself), the Thai Company must:

Have 2 million Thai Baht Registered Capital

Must hire 4 Thais and provide evidence that you've paid for the 4 Thais Social Security

VAT Registered

51% of the Company Stock are hold by Thai Nationals

Our goal here is to assist you and guide you to fulfill the above requirements at the lowest cost possible and how to circumvent some of the criteria that may not be in your favor at the current stage.

ie: to hire 4 Thais, not having a trusted 51% Thai partner or having to invest so much money into the Company

Compliance Services


Starting from 11,000 Baht /person/month

  • Thai Staff Assign to your Company
  • Includes Social Security and Personal Income Tax Payment of the Thai staff
  • Great for Companies lacking of Thai Staff temporary to fulfil Labour Office / Work Permit Requirements

Download Brochure:

English | Burmese | Russian


Accounting & Tax Reporting

For only 3,500 Baht

  • Monthly bookkeeping service (below 10 transactions/mth)
  • Monthly tax preparation, reporting & submission
  • Exclude actual Taxes your company may be subjected to

Download Brochure:

English | Burmese | Russian


End of Year Audit & Account Closing

From only 45,000 Baht

End of year and compliance fee to ensure your company is qualified to 'hire' you for the following year.

  • End of year Financial Account Adjustment and Audit
  • End of year Tax Adjustment, Reporting and Submission
  • End of year Personal Tax Preparation

Download Brochure:

English | Burmese | Russian

Now that you have got your Thai Limited Company and Non-B Visa and Work Permit, you are ready to do business.

For those who are interested in starting your own Cannabis related business, all you need to do is to acquire the relevant Cannabis Business License and you can officially and legally be in the cannabis business.

To own and operate a Cannabis Retail / Shop

For those who would like to start a shop to sell Cannabis products (buds, joint, equipment) in Thailand.

License Application Fee:
45,000 Baht
Note: You're required to assign a Thai citizen to be the representative of your company to deal with the Ministry of Public Health (Narcotics Control Division, Cannabis Department)


To own and operate a Cannabis Cafe

Where you can sell & produce cannabis infused food or drinks.

License Application Fee:
45,000 Baht
Note: You're required to assign a Thai citizen to be the representative of your company to deal with the Ministry of Public Health (Narcotics Control Division, Cannabis Department)


To grow Cannabis in Thailand commercially

Applies to indoor or outdoor Cannabis farming

License Application Fee:
90,000 Baht
Note: You're required to assign a Thai citizen to be the representative of your company to deal with the Ministry of Public Health (Narcotics Control Division, Cannabis Department)

If you would like to Import or Export Cannabis related products, please Contact Us. We will need further details from you before we're able to provide you with the fees.

Save over THB65,500 today when you sign up for our all-inclusive Company Setup, Non B Visa & Work Permit Package

Stand-alone Pricing

2 Million Baht Company Incorporation + VAT Registration + VAT Approved Virtual Office (1 year) THB83,500
Thai Business Partner (1 year) THB60,000
Thai-Employees-as-a-Service THB48,000 (3 months)
Tourist Visa to Non B Visa Conversion THB42,000
Non B Visa & Work Permit Application THB80,000
Accounting & Tax Reporting THB19,500 (3 months)
VIP Usher at Immigration & Labour Office THB5,000

Package Pricing — Only THB195,000

You save: THB113,000

One of the key benefits of having a Work Permit is it allows you to apply for Non O Visa (Dependant) for your immediate family (wife/husband, children, your father or mother). They could be on a Non O Visa for the same period of time as your Non B Visa and is renewable as well.


For each Non O (Dependant) Visa

Applicant should be outside of Thailand


This Visa also permits you to apply for a Non O Dependent Visa for your immediate family (your legal partner and children under 20 years old) to stay in Thailand with you while you've a valid Work Permit & Non B Visa.

Above fees exclude actual Personal & Company Tax Contribution - Actual Personal & Company Tax Fees depends on the amount of transaction you route through your company.

As an expat, you are required to receive a minimum wage defined by the country you are from and your tax rate will be based on that. For most cases, you personal tax payable will be below THB4,500/month.

As for the 2 Million Thai Baht Capital requirement, it is required by law to put in at least 25% of your registered capital into your Company bank account within the financial year (12 months) and for your case, that will be THB500,000. Any inbound monies received in your Company bank account can be classified for this purpose.

By using our 4 Thai Employees-as-a-Service, you do not need to maintain 4 Thai employees for the entire duration and do not need to worry about hiring and letting go of them. We will take care of the necessary and pay for their SSO (minimum wage required for your case). Should you hire your own Thai employees (4 or more), you do not need this service.

This package is also suitable for individuals who are out of Thailand. Once your company is set up, we can issue you the necessary documents so that you can apply for a Non B Visa from your home country.

The above is an overview of the entire process to set up, maintain a Thai Company to hire yourself / sponsor yourself a Work Permit.

Renewal for your Work Permit & Non B Visa will be a lot cheaper next year.

For only


Our Visa & Work Permit Specialist will be able to renew your Work Permit & Visa the following year.

Correct as of April 3, 2022

Average Company Incorporation + Non B Visa + Work Permit Processing Time

Day 1
When we've received all documents and information from client.
Day 13
Your Thai Limited Company is registered at DBD, Revenue Department & Social Security Office.
Day 40-55
Go to Immigration Office to pick up your Passport with your 3 months Non B Visa.
Day 55-65
Your 1 Year Work Permit is ready for pick up.
Day 110-120
Go to Immigration Office to extend your Non B Visa for 1 year.

Congratulation! You can now stay and work in Thailand legally, peacefully for 1 year.

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