Thai Driving License (Car or Motorcycle)

Obtaining a Driving License in Thailand is still quite challenging even though you already have a foreign driving license. 2 main criterias that you need to fulfill are:

6 Tests

To complete 6 different tests

7 Documents

To provide 7 different documents including a recent medical certificate (5 diseases form)

What are the tests that you need to pass?

01. Color Blindness

An official will show you different colored dots on a poster, and you have to state the name of each color you see. The staff might accept answers in English, but they might skip the test altogether.

02. Reflex Test

You will sit behind a simulated brake pedal and gas pedal. Then, you will have to push an accelerator until the green lights on the panel in front of you start to light up. Make sure to hit the brake pedal before the lights become red.

03. Peripheral Test

You will have to put your head on a test station and point your eyes ahead to an official. Then, you have to tell the traffic color shown on your right and left side without moving your eyes.

04. Depth Perception Test

You have to align a moving pin using special forward and back buttons.

05. Theory Test

You will have to answer several questions regarding the rules of the road in Thailand.

06. Practical Driving Test

You will drive a vehicle around a small track outside of the test center. A tester will watch you from a distance. You will have to demonstrate your depth perception skills by reversing between a set of poles, then pulling up as close to the curb as possible.

What are the documents that you need to provide?

  1. Your passport and your non-immigrant visa
  2. Copies of the first page of your passport
  3. Copies of the page that contains your valid non-immigrant visa
  4. Copies of the page that contains the last entry stamp for Thailand
  5. Your TM.6 departure card
  6. A letter of address certified by your embassy or the Immigration Bureau.

    Make sure that the letter is dated within thirty days of application

  7. A health certificate dated within thirty days of application

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Fast Track Thai Driving License Application

As part of our end-to-end service to help foreigners to live and work in Thailand easily, we can help you obtain a valid Thai Driving License without hassle.

Thai Car Driving License


Thai Motorcycle Driving License


Note: in Thailand, when you have a Car Driving License, it does not automatically allow you to drive a motorcycle.

We only need the following from you:

Passport Profile Page

Passport Photo

Front and Back of your Foreign Driving License

Current Address in Thailand

Thai Mobile Phone Number

Guaranteed Legitimate and registered in Department of Land Transport or Money Back. You can verify your driver license status using DLT App.

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