EOY Audit & Account Closing

As 2022 comes to an end, it's time to gather your books and prepare your Company Financials for submission. All registered company in Thailand is required by law to have their Accounts Audited by a certified auditor and file it to the Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department before May 30, 2023.

The average time to get your accounts audited is approximately 3 weeks. Have you started the process yet?

Our End-of-Year Audit, Financial Statement & Account Closing Fees

Our Audit and Account Closing Fee is based on your annual turnover.

Our All-Inclusive Fees

EOY Audit, Preparation of Company Financial Statement, Submission of finalized Company Financial Statement to the Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department. Our prices already include the English and Thai translations of the Audit Report and Financial Statement.

EOY Audit & Financial Statement The Fee

Dormant Company

Only THB39,500

Annual Revenue:

Up to THB5,000,000

Only THB43,500

Annual Revenue:

THB5,000,000 — THB10,000,000

Only THB45,500

Annual Revenue:

THB10,000,000 — THB20,000,000

Only THB55,500

Annual Revenue:

THB20,000,000 — THB30,000,000

Only THB65,500

Annual Revenue:

THB30,000,000 — THB50,000,000

Only THB75,500

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