Work Permit Application

In general Work Permit Application is tied to Non B Visa application as well however for those who may just need Work Permit Application or Renewal, we can assist you with it as well provided you are already on Non B Visa and your Employer agrees to support your case by providing the necessary documents.

Work Permit is issued by the Labor Department and Non B Visa is issued by the Immigration Department. You need to hold a Non B Visa before you can apply for a Work Permit.

The following are the documents your Employer needs to provide to support your Work Permit Application.

The employer must have registered and fully paid-up capital of not less than THB 2 million.
The employer must be registered for VAT and file monthly input/output VAT returns.
The employer must have an updated financial statement of the previous year and all tax obligations are up to date.
The employer must have at least 4 Thai permanent staff members for each expatriate employee, as proven by the monthly income tax return (Form PND 1) and Social Security Fund documentation.
Thai staff members must earn a minimum monthly salary of THB 9,930 (based on the minimum wage of THB 331 a day), as proven by the monthly income tax return (Form PND 1) and Social Security Fund documentation.

Our Fees to process your Work Permit only


Work Permit renewal


Most often it is best to have a single firm to process your Non B Visa and Work Permit.

Should you require us to assist you with your Non B Visa and Work Permit, our fees will start from THB35,000 only

If you have any inquiries, simply reach out to us and one of our Specialist will assist you.

Money Back Guarantee & Split Payment

For Non B and Work Permit Application


upon confirmation


upon approval

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