Shareholder and Director As a Service

Jumpstart your business in Thailand with our Shareholder and Director as a Service.

Service details

  • Who is this for?

    Its usually for an individual or company from outside of Thailand to be able to have their business started and going in Thailand whilst they prepare themselves for a more permanent role or stay here in Thailand.

  • Why do you need a Shareholder-as-a-Service?

    The most common usage of this service is to enable business owner who doesn't meet the minimum 3 shareholders requirement to incorporate a Thai Limited Company and operate a business here in Thailand.

  • What is a Director-as-Service?

    It's an professional engagement of an individual that passes a police background check and not bankrupt to be acting on your behalf as your company Director. Many formal documents and decisions made by a Thai Limited Company must be manually signed (e-signature is not accepted yet) by the company Director and if you are a foreigner who may be flying in and out of the countries, Director-as-Service is here to help you operate your company in Thailand smoothly.

How much?


For only

THB60,000 /year

What's the coverage

Shareholder-as-a-Service main duties are to assist and act on the instruction of its client in certain company decisions as well as to protect the client interest in the company in terms of shares holding.

What's your protection

  • Pre-signed share transfer form
  • Pre-signed resignation form
  • Shareholder-as-a-Service contract that governs and limit the action of the Shareholder


For only

THB15,000 /month

What are the typical responsibilities and inclusions of a Director-as-a-Service?
  • Assist with maintaining and updating shareholders and directors registers
  • Assist with preparation of POAs if required
  • Assist with regulatory filings if required
  • Signing off monthly, semi annual and annual accounts
  • Sign legal documents as per instructed by client
  • Perform bank transaction as per instructed by client
  • Liaise with the Revenue Department, DBD and Social Security on behalf of clients.

Director and Finance Director as-a-Service

Initialization Fee


Monthly Fee


Every feature as per Director-as-a-Service and the following
  • Opening of Company Thai Bank Account (THB / USD) — Your appointed Director will represent your Company at the Bank Office to open your company bank account.
  • Being the appointed signatory of the Company Bank Account.
  • Register and maintain a dedicated Mobile Number for SMS OTP verification (1 year).
  • Provide you with any OTP request when you need them.
  • Resign as your Company Director (pre signed)and your Company Signatory upon your request.

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