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Get any document professionally translated to and from Thai to English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, French, German, Dutch and multiple other languages for use at immigration, embassies, courts, police stations, and other official places. Pricing starts at just 1,000THB per document with a standard 48-hour turnaround. We can also assist you to obtain Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) certification on the translated documents as well

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Certified Translation of Any Legal Document

Our translators are experienced in accurately translating a wide variety of legal documents to and from Thai to English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, French, German, Dutch, and multiple other languages. We provide digital and hard copies of certified translations featuring a stamp, the signature of your translator, and our company seal in addition to a letter of translation accuracy.

We offer a similar format to your source document but do not attempt to fully replicate the design. Digital copies are delivered in PDF format while a hard copy is sent to the address of your choice within Thailand.

Our starting price of 750THB per A4 page includes the certified translation of your document featuring a stamp and signature, a letter of declaration of translation accuracy, digital delivery of your translated document in PDF format, and one hard copy of the certified translation sent to your address in Thailand. We work hard to provide certified translations that have a high rate of acceptance for common uses. If you wish to have your translated document legalized by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), we can assist you with it however additional fee will applies.

What is a certified translation?

Certified translations are for official uses and purposes where the receiver requires verification that a translation is accurate and complete. They are generally used at official places such as immigration, police stations, courts, governments, and other instances at local and international levels.

To complete the full requirements for a certified translation of a legal document, the translation must provide an accurate word-for-word representation of all visible text. Unlike other translation work, translators cannot interpret the meaning or add/remove content. The full and accurate translation of legal documents to and from Thai to English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, French, German, Dutch is a specialty of our experienced translators who understand that it is vital to provide our clients with translations that exactly represent the source documents. We can also assist with the certified translation of documents in other languages.

An essential part of a certified translation is the stamp and declaration of accuracy attached to the translated document. We take great care to prepare your certified translation to ensure acceptance by the widest range of receivers.

Our certification states that the document has been translated by a professional and qualified translator and is accurate and complete. The certified translation also features the signature of your translator, contact details for the translation provider, our company seal, and the date on which the translation was completed. The document is also accompanied by a declaration of translation accuracy on our company letterhead.

  • Price starting at 750THB per A4 document
  • Only photo or scan of the document is required
  • Translated by a professional and qualified translator
  • Signed and stamped translation of the document
  • Letter of translation accuracy on company letterhead
  • 48-hour turnaround time
  • Digital delivery of translated document
  • Free EMS delivery of hard copies to any address in Thailand

Legalized translation service — stamp by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

In some cases, a legalized translation of your document is required by authorities in Thailand or abroad. A legalized translation is a certified translation with an additional stamp by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Our team can assist with the entire process of getting a legalized translation in Thailand.

  • Price starting at 2,500THB per A4 document
  • Includes all consular fees & EMS delivery
  • Guaranteed acceptance of the document by the MFA
  • Status updates throughout the process
  • Express service available

If you require a legalized translation in Thailand, you should ensure your documents are fully prepared. Foreign documents issued outside of Thailand must first be authenticated by your local embassy before they are accepted by the MFA. This process varies depending on the document’s country of origin, but we can assist you with getting the correct stamp. The following documents should be prepared for a legalized translation:

  • The original document (authenticated by your embassy if required)
  • A signed power of attorney form
  • A signed copy of the Thai ID or passport from the signor of the POA form
  • A copy of your valid Thai visa (if applicable)

UnionSPACE Translations is among the most trusted translation services in Bangkok, Thailand. Our expert team is here to assist you with certified translations and legalized translations from start to finish. Our services are used by hundreds of individuals and businesses because we consistently deliver high-quality, accurate, and affordable translations.

Samples Of Our Certified Document Translation Services

Digital copies of your certified translations are sent in PDF format within 48 hours. Hard copies are then posted by EMS to your address in Thailand.

Sample — Certification of Translation Accuracy

Sample — Lab Report Certified Translation

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We Pride Ourselves On Exceptional Translation Quality

Allow our expert translators to assist you with translation to and from Thai to English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, French, German and Dutch for a broad range of document types. Each translation is checked twice for flow, style, and accuracy by a native speaker of the target language.

Professional, Expert & Native Translators

Our team of Thai and native English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Dutch,-speaking translators are all based in Thailand. Every translation is checked by a native speaker of the target language to ensure consistency and accuracy in every translation completed.

  • Expert translators
  • Proofreading included free
Secure & Confidential Translations

Your privacy is important. That's why we encrypt all contact made through our website via SSL and offer confidentiality agreements for all translations. Rest assured - your documents are safe, secure, and confidential with us!

  • SSL-secure forms
  • Confidentiality agreements
Fast Turnaround & Emergency Translations

Our standard turnaround time for translations is among the fastest you will find in Thailand. However, if you have an emergency or you are working to a tight deadline, we can provide same-day translations at the same high standard.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Emergency translations

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help me to translate my THAI lease agreement into English?

    Absolutely. At UnionSPACE we have the capability to translate to Thai to your desired foreign language as well as from foreign language into Thai.

  • What is your turn around time to translate for a 15 pages documents?

    For 15 pages od A4 documents, please allow 72 hours as all documents are checked by a native speakers for accuracy and relevancy.

  • What is the difference between certified translation and those legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    Certified translation is translation that can be used for most businesses and is checked and ascertain my our senior management before releasing them to you. Legalized translation by MFA are documents that are verified for accuracy by the MFA or documents that are stamped by MFA. Certain application such as Permanency Residency application requires some documents to be legalized and verified by MFA.

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Thanks for translation my academic transcripts from English to Thai so quickly.

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Paul Lim

You guys never failed me. Thanks for assisting our business with our translation need in Thailand. Appreciate your extra effort :)

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