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Ditch your Office. Switch to Virtual Office.

Virtual Office Bangkok. Office for the New Norm.

Instant Office Presence for Startups, Small Medium Businesses and Local / Foreign Companies in Bangkok.

Our Virtual Office plans are straight-forward, simple to understand, quick to setup and no hidden fee. Can be used for Company Incorporation / Work Permit application too.

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Benefits of Virtual Office for you business:

  • Prestigious Bangkok Business Address at affordable rates.
  • Never miss a mails or parcels again. We'll receive it and store it for you.
  • Trained receptionist to answer your calls in your business name in Thai or English.
  • Access to fully equipped Meeting Rooms when you need it.
  • Virtual Office can be used to fulfill government requirements such as Company Incorporation, TAX Registration or VAT Registration.

Why Should Businesses Switch to Virtual Office?

  • #1 — Most traditional office functions are done online nowadays.



    Project / Work Coordination

    Water Cooler Catch Up Group Video Call

  • #2 — It's More Affordable.
    • No CAPEX Investment
    • No Deposit
    • No Electricity, Internet, Water, Cleaning Bills
    • No Monthly Rental Bill
    • Less Hiring
  • #3 — DBD & Revenue Department Approved.

    Can be used for Company Incorporation and VAT Registration.

  • #4 — It has everything a Traditional Office has, just better.
    • Fully Equipped Meeting Room.
    • Business Lounge.
    • Your personal Executive Assistant to answer your calls and receive mails / parcels for you.
  • #5 — Protects your Privacy.

    No longer need to disclose your residential address to the world.


Choose your preferred Virtual Office Plan

Choose the plan that suits you best, and helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

Virtual Office

Registered Business Address.

Can be used for company incorporation.


1,090 Baht /month

or cheaper
  • Business Address
  • Mail Handling
  • New Mail Notification
  • Mail Storage
  • 2 hours of Meeting Room / Photo Studio Usage / month
  • Free 30 mins Consultation with our Expert Panels (Accounting, Legal, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Tax, Work Permit, Visa)
  • Free
6 months

Save 5%

6,200 Baht
1 year

Save 15%

11,100 Baht
2 years

Save 30%

18,300 Baht
3 years

Save 40%

23,500 Baht
6 months

Save 5%

5,400 Baht
1 year

Save 15%

9,600 Baht
2 years

Save 30%

15,900 Baht
3 years

Save 40%

20,500 Baht
Virtual Office
+ Call Answering

Registered Business Address + Local Phone Number + Call Answering service


2,090 Baht /month

or cheaper

Everything in Virtual Office plan and...

  • 8 (instead of 2) hours of Meeting Room / Photo Studio Usage / month
  • Local (02) Bangkok Phone Number
  • Call Answering in your Company Name
  • Call Screening and Message Taking
  • Call Transfer to your mobile phone
  • New Call Notification
  • Free 30 mins Consultation with our Expert Panels (Accounting, Legal, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Tax, Work Permit, Visa)
  • Free
6 months

Save 5%

11,900 Baht
1 year

Save 15%

21,300 Baht
2 years

Save 30%

35,000 Baht
3 years

Save 40%

45,000 Baht
6 months

Save 5%

10,800 Baht
1 year

Save 15%

19,000 Baht
2 years

Save 30%

31,900 Baht
3 years

Save 40%

41,000 Baht
Virtual Office
for VAT Registration

If you are looking for an Office Solutions to register for VAT or to transfer your existing VAT Registration to a new location, we have several Office Solutions for you that comply with the Revenue Department and DBD criteria.

Browse the available options on our VAT Compliance Office Solutions

1 year
50,000 Baht
2 years

Save 10%

90,000 Baht
1 year
35,000 Baht
2 years

Save 10%

63,000 Baht
Does your business really need to register for VAT here in Thailand?

According to Thai law, your company MUST register for Value Added Tax (VAT) when it has a gross income of 300,000 Baht or more in a single month or 1,800,000 Baht or more per year. Your company MUST register for VAT if it imports goods from overseas. If your company DO NOT call under the above guidelines, you DO NOT have to register for VAT until your company revenue exceeds the stipulated amount.

Check out our VAT Compliance Office Solutions Now
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Manage your Virtual Office in Real Time

No App to Install — Mobile Responsive — Easy & Quick Access.

When you sign up for a Virtual Office plan with #US, you can manage your Calls, Mails/Packages and Book Meeting Rooms and other facilities real-time.

Screenshot See how it works
Features for virtual office clients
  • Be notified when someone calls you and views their name, phone number and their messages for you.
  • Be notified when we receive a mail/parcel on your behalf and instruct us to store it, scan it or forward that mail to you.
  • Check meeting room availability and reserve one in real-time.
  • Receive special invites to our events as well as promos or announcements.
For demo, please contact our Virtual Office Team

We have helped over 150 local or foreign businesses setup their company here in Bangkok. Click on Company Incorporation Service (with / without VAT Registration) to find out our straight forward pricing.

Available Virtual Office around South East Asia

Virtual Office @ 111 Paseo, Makati

Virtual Office @ Finman Building, Makati

Virtual Office @ Ekkamai, Bangkok

Virtual Office @ APW, Bangsar

Virtual Office @ PIK Avenue, PIK

Virtual Office @ Wisma Barito Pacific, Slipi

Virtual Office @ Satrio Tower, Kuningan

Virtual Office @ Citihub, Kelapa Gading

Virtual Office @ Metropolitan Tower, Simatupang

Virtual Office @ GKM Green Tower, Simatupang

Virtual Office @ Terminal 3, Jakarta International Airport

Virtual Office @ Tronojoyo, Bandung

Virtual Office @ Phinma Plaza, Makati

Virtual Office @ Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur

Virtual Office @ Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Virtual Office @ Empire Tower, Subang Jaya

Are you looking to setup a company here in Bangkok, Thailand as well?

Great news!

  • Our virtual office plans includes all the necessary documents such as Permission Letter for using business office issued by owner and ID Card and House Registration for your company legal registration application.
  • The use of Virtual Office is approved by local Government of Bangkok and can be officially used for company legal registration and can be used to apply VAT with the necessary documents.
  • Our company legal registration team can assist you with your company setup here in Bangkok, Thailand. Contact UnionSPACE Company Legal Registration Team for a FREE consultation. We can handle everything you need for virtual office and to setup your company. Simple procedures, and transparent fees.
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Everything you need to flourish

Our Virtual Office plans include all-inclusive amenities that are cost-effective—and meaningful. Fresh fruit water, front-desk service, and employee events are all included.

  • Super-Fast Internet
    Front Desk Service
    Global Network
    Call Answering
    Printing & Scanning
    Phone Booth
  • Office Supplies
    PR & Events
    Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Common Area
    Community Managers
    Professional & Social Events
  • Digital Marketing
    Company Incorporation
    Speciality Coffee
    Daily Cleaning
    Mail & Packet Handling
    Creative Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you've got more questions, feel free to write to and we'll do our best to answer.

  • What is a Virtual Office?

    In lay-man terms, a Virtual Office is a Shared Office. Members will share the fully furnished and staffed office and use it as their formal business address and use it for official purposes such as DBD, Revenue Department, Social Security Office, Banks as well as the published business address on marketing collaterals, business cards and website. Members can also book the meeting room, access the business lounge and well trained receptionists will receive your mails and packages on your behalf, answer calls in your business name, take messages as well as attend to your guests.

  • Is Virtual Office legal?

    Yes, the virtual office is legal and being used by many companies in Thailand and around the world. Virtual Office is acknowledged as an alternative office by DBD, Revenue Department and SSO. We guarantee that your company is safe with our services.

  • How long does it take to set up a Virtual Office?

    We can have your account activated within 24 hours once we have received your registration. Here are the requirements: 1. Signed proposal 2. Valid ID 3. Proof of payment.

  • How can I book the meeting room allocated to my Virtual Office plan?

    We will provide you with your own online portal wherein you can book/check the availability of your meeting room/conference room/photo studio in real-time.

  • You mention a local phone number will be included in my Virtual Office plan. How does that work?

    Your company will be assigned with a dedicated (02) Bangkok phone number and when someone calls your number, our bi-lingual receptionist will answer the call in your business name, take a message or transfer the call to your mobile phone.

  • Can I upgrade my Virtual Office plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime you want. The balance from your previous plan can be carried over from your new upgraded plan.

  • Where can my clients park their cars?

    We have a few parking slots at the back of our building. You can park your cars in front (on the street) for free until 4pm daily and there is a large parking space in Max Valu, which is 3 mins walk from our building.

  • Do we need to have our own ID's to enter the building?

    No, that is not necessary.

  • Will I be notified once our contract ends?

    We will remind you that your contract will end a month before the due date.

  • I need to use my virtual office to incorporate my company here in Thailand. Can you provide the necessary documents?

    Yes, we can provide the necessary documentation that you will need to incorporate your company. We can also assist you with the Company Incorporation process for a very reasonable fee.

  • Can I use/pay with any credit card?

    Yes, you can pay online with your credit card or come into our office to pay with your credit card.

  • What are regulations when I want to cancel my meeting room booking?

    You are allowed to cancel any booking without charge as long as this is before the 24 hours booking time.

  • Can Virtual Office be used for Company Incorporation?

    Definitely and in fact over 85% of our customers use Virtual Office to incorporate their company. We also offer Company Incorporation service at a very affordable rate. Why not ask us about it.

  • Can my guest visit me at my Virtual Office?

    Yes, your guest can visit you at your Virtual Office and you can use our general meeting space to meet with your client or book a meeting room for a more private and formal discussion.

  • Will you accept signed parcels / couriers for me?

    Yes, we will accept signed parcels or couriers for you. Once we receive it, we will notify you too.

  • How long has Virtual Office been around?

    You will need to sign up for our VAT Approved Virtual Office for that purpose because Revenue Department has a different requirement for VAT registered company.

  • What happens once I have exhausted all my allocated meeting room hours in my Virtual Office plan?

    You can still book additional hours at a very special rate.

  • How many staff can use the workspace?

    You can bring up to 3 guests to use our coworking area.

  • How many days in advance should I book the meeting/conference rooms?

    We usually suggest 2 to 4 days in advance. You can check meeting room availability in real time via our online portal.. This also means that if the meeting room is available, you can book in and use it right away.

  • How long does it take to prepare the documentation that I need to incorporate my company once I have sign up for a Virtual Office?

    We need 3 days to prepare and compile those documents.

  • Is it possible to order food delivery if we use the facilities?

    Yes, you can.

  • How long would be the cancellation / refund for the virtual office?

    For the cancellation / refund process this will take up to 45 working days.

  • If I refer a client do I get any commission?

    Yes, we are happy to thank you with a 10% commission for each successful referral.

Some words from our Virtual Office Clients

Read success stories straight from our members

  • image

    A decent place to work

    "Love the fact that unionspace virtual office plan include coworking access for me to have a decent place to work when i need to work."

    Paithoon, Bangkok

  • image

    A helpful team

    "Was a coincident to find unionspace while strolling down from my apartment on a Saturday. Sign up for their virtual office for my new business and their helpful team assisted me professionally and patiently. thank you!"

    Raphael, Ekkamai

  • image

    It's perfect

    "Most virtual office companies are based in Sathorn area and they are far away. Unionspace provides virtual office in the up-scale residential area near to my home. It's perfect!"

    Hanata, Thonglor

  • image

    The forwarding service

    "Thank you for forwarding my mails to me to London. Really appreciate that."

    Steve, London

Have a question about Virtual Office?

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What is Virtual Office?


Virtual Office is actually a shared office. Members pay a fixed monthly fee and they can use it as their formal business address and for official purposes such as DBD, Thai Revenue Department, Social Security, VAT Registration and Banks as well as the published business address on Marketing Collaterals, Business Cards and Website. Members can also book the Meeting Room, Access the Business Lounge / Coworking Space and trained Receptionists will receive your mails and packages on your behalf, answer calls in your business name, take messages as well as attend to your guests.

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