Super effective, high visibility, targets consumer with high disposable income, lots of tourist eyeballs and focus around the best part of Bangkok — Asoke to Siam, China Town, Khaosan and the vicinity of Icon Siam.

Over 10 million captive audience, visible almost 24 hours and you can't miss them.


per tuk tuk per month

1 (one) side only

Back side: 80cm (width) x 50cm (height)



per tuk tuk per month

3 (three) sides

Back side: 80cm (width) x 50cm (height)

Left side: 100cm (width) x 20cm (height)

Right side: 50cm (width) x 20cm (height)

Stickers at the front

Size: 5cm x 5cm

For only 150 Baht/each

Order takes about 7-10 days

For only 250 Baht/each

Minimum order

10 tuk tuks


Month to month contract

What's included?

Production/Printing, Permits and Installation

Definitely one of the best way to reach out to tourist and Bangkokians who lives or work in the most crowded part of Bangkok.

How to proceed?

Just let us know how many tuks tuks would you like your brand to be on and send us your advertisement design. If you need help with design, our design team can assist you for a small fee.

Need your English ads to be translated to Thai, Russian, Chinese, Burmese, Japanese — we can help too.

Talk to our tuk tuk advertisement expert today.

Go to a live chat with one of our agents and get the answers straight away.


Add a dedicated Bangkok (02) phone number to your marketing campaign to track its effectiveness.

Only THB2,500 per month per phone number


What do you get?

A Bangkok (02) phone number
Free call forwarding to any Thai mobile phone
A Call History Report of anyone who calls this number

(date | time | caller number)

The Benefit

By using a unique phone number for your tuk tuk marketing campaign, you can track the effectiveness of your tuk tuk advertisement if the Call-to-Action is for someone to call you.

Talk to our tuk tuk advertisement expert today

If you have any inquiries, simply reach out to us and one of our friendly consultant will assist you.

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