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We assist foreigners who want to stay in Thailand for a much longer time legally by obtaining proper Visas and Work Permits. This means no Visa Runs, this means you can rent a condominium legally, open a bank account normally and also work here in Thailand for other companies or for yourself. If you are looking to get married with a Thai Citizen, please click here to check out our Non-Immigrant "O" Visa (Marriage Visa) and if you are over 50 years old, click here to check out our Retirement Visa Package.

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What's the difference between a Non-Immigrant "B" Visa and a Work Permit?

We have many clients asking us about this and this is our simplest form of explanation. To legally stay and work here in Thailand, you need to comply with 2 government departments. The first one - Thailand Immigration Bureau and the 2nd one is the Ministry of Labour. Non-Immigrant "B" Visa is issued by The Immigration Bureau and the Work Permit is issued by the Ministry of Labour and unlike the systems in some countries such as Australia, these 2 departments are not linked therefore you need to apply and comply for each separately

How does a Non-Immigrant "B" Visa & Work Permit work?

Let us help you to understand the overall concept of how this 2 (Non-Immigration "B" Visa and Work Permit) works in the eyes of Thai Government Departments.


To apply for a NON B Visa

You will need to be hired by an eligible Company or you can set up your own Company to hire yourself. The immigration department would need at least the following documents from the Employer.

  • Business registration and business license
  • List of shareholders
  • Company profile
  • Details of business operation
  • List of foreign workers stating names, nationalities and positions
  • Map indicating location of the company
  • Balance sheet, statement of Income Tax and Business Tax (Por Ngor Dor 50 and Por Ngor Dor 30 of the latest year)
  • Value-added tax registration (Por Por 20)

The Fees

Non B Visa Application


inclusive of gov't fees

Your employer will need to provide the above documents Approved new applicants will first receive a 3 months Non B Visa and we'll then assist you to extend it for a further 12 months (inclusive in the THB42,000 fees).

Non B Visa Application

— 3 months only —


inclusive of gov't fees

Client must have tourist visa with 21+ days validity.

Non B Visa Renewal


inclusive of gov't fees

Your employer needs to comply to the immigration documentation request as per above.

Current Non B visa Cancellation


inclusive of gov't fees

Need DBD docs from the previous company and the director's signed ID/passport copy.

Note: we do not guarantee approval however from our experience, companies (employer) that are in a positive financial position and comply with the basic Thai Tax Reporting requirement will be approved.

If you have any inquiries, simply reach out to us and one of our Specialist will assist you.

Money Back Guarantee & Split Payment

For Non B and Work Permit Application


upon confirmation


upon approval

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