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UnionSPACE Guardian (USg) solution enables professionals to live and work in Thailand legally. We handle the Visa and Work Permit, Taxes as well as your Payroll (receive money from overseas) for you, so you can focus on enjoying your life here in Thailand/ SE Asia.

What do we offer

We provide Employer of Record (EOR) service to facilitate foreign professionals to receive their foreign income in Thailand and take care of your Visa, Work Permit, Social Security and Personal Income Tax Minimization as well as to get your protected by the healthcare system here in Thailand.

No more paperwork, visa runs, or 90 day reports at Immigration — just hassle-free living in Thailand.

Your benefits when you join USg

Pay lesser tax compare to your home country
You are also covered gov’t healthcare scheme here in Thailand
Don’t need to worry about your Visa and Work Permit here in Thailand
No Visa Runs
Proof of Tax Residency (as you will be paying taxes here in Thailand)
Free coworking space in Bangkok, Koh Chang, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket
Awesome community where you can plug in immediately
Your dedicated Virtual Assistant to handle your invoices / payroll
Path to Thai Permanent Residency
Dedicated Visa and Work Permit Support Team

Required Documents

Passport Scan

Photo and facing page, plus any pages containing past Thai visas or entry/exit stamps.

Completed Customer Information Sheet
No Criminal Record in Thailand

Pricing Structure

Sponsored Non-B Visa & Work Permit


Gets you 1 year Non-B Visa and Work Permit

Payroll Service Fee


of your monthly Payroll — (minimum Payroll Service Fee: USD240/mth)

Personal Income Tax & SSO

Starts from


Monthly Costs — after visa and work permit are obtained

Payroll Process



Foreign employer (could be yourself) receive invoice for your Payroll on the 21st of each month, due on the 27th.



After payment is received, we make tax and payroll service fee deductions and pay the rest in THB into your Thai bank account.


Tax & Social

USg will file your tax and Social Security payments for you.

Your nett income in Thailand in different scenarios

Monthly Payroll (USD) USg Service Fee (USD) Personal Income Tax & SSO Contribution (USD) Your nett income in Thai Baht (THB)
2,000 240 145 56,287
3,000 360 345 79,988
4,000 480 595 101,945
5,000 600 845 123,912

Payment Options

Wire Transfer
Payment Platforms

Onboarding Process

Outside Thailand

Getting Started

Choose monthly billing amount (slide 12).

Sign contract.

Pay security deposit.

Submit scan of passport, including pages containing Thai entry/exit stamps.

Wait 10-15 business days.

Visa Application

Receive business visa application packet in the mail.

Check website of Thai Embassy in your country of residence, to learn their visa application procedure.

Submit visa application online, or in person, at embassy.

Register for Thailand Pass


The requirement to register for Thailand Pass has been officially abolished!

Enter Thailand

Enjoy your new home.

You are free to travel through the country, but we recommend keeping Bangkok easily accessible for the first few weeks, where the next step happens.

Obtain Work Permit

After 3 weeks or so, we’ll set your appointment at Immigration to extend your visa and get your work permit.

You are free to travel through the country, but we recommend keeping At this point, you are fully onboarded.

You are free to travel through the country, but we recommend keeping The payroll process begins on the next 15th of the month.

Onboarding Process

Inside Thailand


Send us a photo of your current visa page and any extension stamps.

The first step is to determine whether or not we can convert/switch your current visa in-country, without a border run.

Sign & Pay

Sign contract.

Pay security deposit.

Submit documents: passport scan, diploma scan, and work reference letters.

Meet With US

Come to Bangkok, if you’re not already here, and meet briefly with one of our representatives.

This step can be completed earlier or later in the process, it’s really up to you.

Wait a While

Over the next couple of weeks, we will prepare your work permit application and set your appointment at Thai Immigration in Bangkok.

We recommend staying close by.

Obtain Work Permit

At your appointment, we will meet you again to help you obtain your visa and work permit.

At this point, you are fully onboarded.

The payroll process begins on the next 15th of the month.

How to proceed?

To proceed, please fill up the form below and one of our friendly Thai, English, Russian, Burmese, Chinese speaking representatives will contact you.


What Our Clients Say

What They Say


Moving to Thailand with you guys are seamless. Applied online, got my Non-B Visa in 21 days and flew to Bangkok. Appreciate your fast response.

What They Say


Thanks USg. Your EOR service allows me to enjoy living in SE Asia with ease. Highly recommended! Honest, transparent approach.

What They Say


You guys helped me relocate to Thailand with ease. After being a digital nomad for over 10 years, this is one of the smoothest agency that I have worked with.

What They Say


Thank you for handling my visa and work permit application so quickly. Flawless so far and looking forward to your good service as long as possible.

What They Say


Moved to Thailand from Bali. So far, everything been very smooth and easy to deal with. Got my Visa within 15 days. Hoping for your continued good service.

What They Say


Happy with your service so far. Keep it up!


  • How soon can I relocate to Thailand?

    You and/or your employees can be visa-ready to enter Thailand in less than a month. We ship your visa application paperwork to you within 10-15 business days of payment and then you can bring them to the nearest Thai Embassy or Consultate to obtain your Non-B Visa

  • What documents do I need to provide?

    1. Passport scan

    2. Completed Customer Information Sheet

    3. Thai Police Clearance (will be done by us for you)

  • I'm already in Thailand. Do I need to leave and re-enter the country?

    That depends on your Thai visa type and history. Tourist visas can typically be converted for a fee, while other visa types are already compatible with a work permit (Non Bs, spousal visas, child visas, etc). Education and volunteer visas are unfortunately difficult to convert in-country; a border run to a nearby country is almost always necessary.

  • Can I get visas for my family?

    Yes. Your spouse and/or children may apply for Non-Immigrant O ("Non O") tied to your Non B.

  • How many years can I renew/extend the visa

    That's the great thing about Non-Immigrant visas — they can be extended indefinitely. Once you hold 3 consecutive 1-year visa extensions, tied to the same work permit, you may apply for Permanent Residency (PR). The permanent residence permit will allow you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without needing a visa.

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