Digital Nomad Heaven, right here in Bangkok

Work + Stay + Play

#1 Coworking + Coliving space in Bangkok designed for Digital Nomads

Fast Internet
Secured & CCTV monitored
Flexible Membership
Affordable & Healthy Food
24/7 indoor and outdoor workspace
Lots of power plugs
Napping Pods
Standing Tables
8 mins walk from Ekkamai BTS
Weekly BBQ & Beer

How much?

Work Only Packages

1 work pass gives you 24 hours access + 24 hours internet access for 3 devices.

1x Work Pass

200 Baht

10x Work Pass

1,850 Baht

30x Work Pass

4,800 Baht

50x Work Pass

6,750 Baht

100x Work Pass

11,000 Baht

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Work & Stay Packages

1 work pass gives you 24 hours access + 24 hours internet access for 3 devices.

No of Night(s)
Price per person per night

1 - 3

600 Baht

4 - 15

550 Baht

16 - 30

500 Baht


450 Baht

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Real Stories, Uncensored

Shared by our guests from all over the world.

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    Love the vibes

    "You guys are the best. You are like WeWork when they are smaller. Love the vibes here. Friendly, casual yet super productive and you guys have amazing coworkers working in your space."


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    Pet friendly

    "Pet friendly coworking space!!! Oooooooo this is so coool. "


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    Really love it!

    "It was my first experience living in a capsule and cowork. Really love it now. Could take a nap in the afternoon, jump into the shower and then continue my work. Great 24/7 access and short scroll to supermarket and cheap food."


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    Great for travellers

    "AnnAnn, Bruce and the team are really great, lovely and friendly and respond to any request on the spot.. UnionSpace has got all the cool WeWork features, great for travellers who'd like to work on their projects from Thailand.. If you are a bit overweight or older than 40 (I plead guilty to both charges...), you might find the cubicles a bit small.. but if happy just to sleep there and spend the days around BKK or working in the shared places then it's great.. :)"


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    The vibe and energy

    "Came here straight from Berlin. Shocked by the positive vibe this place has. Checked me into my capsule in 5 mins and show me their cafe / cowork area. Never seen such as beautiful mix of workspace. Tranquil meets industrial. Awesome team and crowd too. There are several other digital nomads working out of this place too. Met people from Italy, UK, Japan and Australia so far. Keep it up!"


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    Indoor or outdoor? You choose!

    "Bump into this place on the weekend while googling where to work. Fast internet, open 7 days a week. Love the fact that they have both indoor and outdoor area."


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    Highly recommended

    "You must check out their smoothie bowl. One of the best i ever had. The coconut crisps that they added on it is a bomb! Comfy bed and reasonable toilet for a shared accommodation. Highly recommended for an affordable travel."


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