Company Bank Account Opening – Required Documents – for Bangkok Bank

Updated / Confirmed: May 12, 2022

Opening a Company Bank Account with local banks could be challenging if you do not have the necessary supporting documents.

Here are the list of documents we provide our clients after we’ve assisted them to incorporate their company in Thailand which they can successfully open their Company Bank Account at one go.

For SCB Bank and Kasikorn Bank

  • Company Stamp
  • Company Certificate
  • Company Affidavit
  • BOJ 2
  • BOJ 3
  • BOJ 4
  • BOJ 5 ( Copy of ID of any shareholders who owns more than 25% shares )
  • Minutes of Statutory Meeting signed by the Company Director – stating the Bank Name, Location, Signatory, Account Type

All documents should not be more than 30 days old.

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