How to travel to Thailand without quarantine after Nov 1 from Australia / 63 countries under the Safe List?

Written for people who will be entering Thailand as a Tourist.

Below are the 5 online services that I’ve used. I will explain the steps further below.

1. Book your flight ticket. I’ve used to find the cheapest plane ticket. I would book something at least 8 days ahead so you have sufficient time to prepare for everything
2. Purchase the necessary insurance – I’ve used AXA as it’s probably the cheapest, guaranteed to be accepted by Thai Pass System and Immigration, provide instant confirmation and it’s from a reputable company –
3. Book a 1 day quarantine hotel from Agoda. I’ve chosen one with EASY CANCELLATION so I can change my mind without any penalty. –
4. Register online for Thai Pass at
5. Book your pre flight COVID test at

Step 1
Book your plane ticket. I have used to check for the cheapest options and I got my ticket with 20kg of check in luggage from Melbourne to Bangkok for less than $300 – one way / Scoot
Check #1: Make sure you’ve been residing for at least 21 days in one of the 63 countries in the Safe List. The determination of whether you’re qualified to enter Thailand without quarantine is based on where you’re departing from(you must be in that country for at least 21 days) and not your passport.
Check #2: Determine whether you need a visa to enter Thailand or not. This will be determined based on your Passport. – If you are holding a Passport from one of these countries, you fall under VISA EXEMPT RULES which means you do not need a Visa to enter Thailand for tourism purposes. Check them here:

Step 2
Book your 1 Day Test & Go Hotel from
Note #1: You’ll notice the options listed are a bit over price. They have bundled it with airport transfer, 3 meals and covid test among others. In short, you do not have any other choice. Bite the bullet and book 1. All you need to do is to book 1 night.
Note #2: After booking your hotel, you’ll need to wait for the hotel to email you and ask you to send them your Vaccination Certificate, Passport, Flight Confirmation, Insurance Certificate. Once you’ve sent them those documents, the hotel will issue you a Hotel Confirmation. You will need this and not your Agoda Booking Confirmation when you register for your Thai Pass.

Sample Hotel Confirmation – This is what you will need to upload into Thai Pass System

Step 3
Purchase your COVID Insurance. All foreigners MUST purchase this insurance. The cheapest option for 30 days coverage is 2,470 Baht or approximately AUD100. There are a few options out there but i have used:

Step 4
Register for Thai Pass at
Note: They need all your attachments to be in jpg or png file format. You cannot upload a pdf file into their system. You may use free services such as to convert your files.

Step 5
Book for your pre-flight covid test. If you’re flying out from Sydney or Melbourne, you can get a RT-PCR test done at the airport. You need to be at the test centre 1 hour earlier than your normal check in time. You can book it online at

The cost for the test is $150. Please make sure the test centre is open around your departure time.

Hope this helps. Enjoy Thailand and we look forward to welcome you once again.

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