Work from Home is here to Stay – How to keep your sanity and balance in the new norm

Almost all of the industry leaders as well as thought leaders expect Work from Home to stay. Telecommuting and flexible work arrangement as a perk is now your regular set up. And physical meet up with your colleagues will only be reserved for very important meetings. It’s shocking, yet amazing how the world and the future of work have changed.

With the new ways of doing business, here are some tips to keep your sanity and work-life harmony when Work from Home will be your New Norm.

Tip #1: Work Efficiently – Working from home doesn’t mean longer or shorter hours. Stick to your usual schedule and eliminate any unnecessary meetings or tasks. If possible, automate as much as possible. Less is more as long as you keep your effectiveness the same or higher. Be a smart worker.

Tip #2: Create Space – When possible, create a dedicated space for work where you have access to all necessary infrastructure, good lighting for your video conference, a printer, a telephone, additional monitors, and finally, invest in a good working chair.

Tip #3: Maximize trips, minimize exposure – We used to spend more time outside our house when we used to commute to our workplace and actually work there. With the New Norm, it is important to intently organize activities outside of your home. Be it a gym, yoga, fitness schedule, park, an evening walk or etc.

Tip #4: Preserve your privacy – Working from home doesn’t mean letting the whole world know your home address, including your vendors, customers, or tax office know exactly where you stay. Knowing you have your privacy protected adds peace of mind to this new chaos. To do that, avoid using your home address, instead, subscribe to a Virtual Office which not only protects your privacy and at the same time, but also gives your business identity a formal address that acts like a shield for you and your family.

Tip #5: Integrate – Work from a Cafe or Coworking space once a while. This really helps you to regain a sense of normality and a grasp of familiarity. Also, this gives you a great opportunity to see new faces.

Tip #6: New Routine – Accordingly to studies, 65-70% of clinic patients returned to their psychiatrists due to depression caused by the shake-up. It is important that you create your new routine to quickly find your balance and normalcy.

Tip #7: Eliminate Distraction – when you are working, take breaks in between. Most of us can only be effective working for 60 minutes in a stretch, so understanding yourself and creating a plan for it instead of getting distracted is the key. Give time for play, and then shift back to work. Say, work 60 mins, take 20 to check your social media, and then go back to work.

Tip#8: Eat Healthily – Now that you are spending most of your awaken hours at home, you have no excuse to eat junk. Prepare a healthy meal every day. Eat clean and lean and you will start feeling the positive energy bursting in your body and mind.

Tip#9: Keep Social – Aside from your occasional visit to a café or co-working space, have a routine when you shall catch up with friends. How about online Trivia night, every Friday night?

Tip#10: Time – Now that you have all the time saved from the commute, you have more time to do more things. Enrich yourself and use the free time to learn new skills. A new language perhaps? Or something that can help you be better at what you do at work.

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