Sanity while working from home: Bangkok Edition

1) Have a space for work: Worked at a desk have a small office. It’s mentally healthy to be able to limit the physical space of your work.

2) Don’t sweat about interruptions: Sharing your home with children and pets means your work will be interrupted frequently. Don’t be stressed and be as flexible as you can.

3) Multi-task whenever possible: Certain activities at home that mesh well when combined with work activity. For example, working out during a meeting call, just mute yourself. Combining activities can help you be less anxious about getting everything done.

4) Stick a fork in it: People working from home sometimes have trouble stopping work, you might be tempted to answer every email as it arrives, or respond to every instant message. Give yourself a chance to rest and spend some real time with your family.

5) Don’t rush and don’t take shortcuts: To minimize security risk while working at home, take time to think through the implications of your actions.

Source: Bangkok Post

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