The Future of Work: Serviced & Virtual Offices

As of 2020, we got hit by a global pandemic that makes going to work more difficult. Many countries have been in lockdown as a result of this. Many companies have been working from home for the past few months.  The demand for both serviced and virtual offices in Thailand is on the rise.

As more businesses are operating, we are looking for alternatives for registering the address that revolves around social distancing in the workplace, work/life balance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, agility, and ease in our professional landscapes. Serviced & virtual offices is the answer.

More businesses are turning into using serviced & virtual office models, fewer companies are likely to commit to a fixed long-term agreement having to pay big bucks in bulk.

Requirements from the government such as limiting the number of people in lifts which makes it time-consuming and an exhausting journey to work.

The costs to set up your own office quickly add up, including the installation of furniture and technology, front office staff, paying a premium for location, car parking and cleaning…the list goes on. This can only add pressure to you and your bottom line just to ‘keep the lights on’.

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is an established business center that provides fully furnished, 24/7 access, fast internet, daily cleaning, spacious common area, café, many workshops, and receptionist as and when you need them.

UnionSPACE in the central business districts has private office spaces and access, high-end fit-outs and technology, business concierge and administration staff.

Virtual Offices

Moving towards ‘The Future of Work’, a popular service UnionSPACE provides alongside Serviced Offices and Virtual Office.

A virtual office is a perfect solution for those who prefer to be location independent or are looking for a hybrid package that includes on-demand meeting rooms and office space only when you need it.

UnionSPACE Virtual Offices help you establish a professional Bangkok base with a prestigious business address, a local Thailand telephone number, and dedicated phone line answering, call forwarding services with bespoke packages available.

UnionSPACE offers a range of services according to your business needs, with an option to scale up or down. Providing both short- and long-term agreements for both serviced and virtual offices as well as conference rooms. Furthermore, UnionSPACE Members can have access 24/7, allowing you to conduct your international business accommodating the time zones.

Financial Sense: free up cash to innovate and build your business

A virtual office at UnionSPACE starts from 1,090 Baht per month with many benefits included. The payment is very easy with no hidden cost, allowing you to start and run your business asap.


Research shows that unsurprisingly location is high on the list of priorities for people choosing a Serviced or Virtual Office. Ekkamai is a prime spot to start your business in Bangkok. It’s very near to the BTS just a 10 mins walk.

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