Steps to Register your Company in Thailand

In the past few years, we have witnessed an increase of global brands, business owners and foreigners start a business in Thailand. Why? Well, Thailand is ranked the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. The economy continues to show promising growth for 2021. 

A Limited Liability Company is the most common choice for foreigners because it offers a flexible approach to investing. It requires a minimum of three shareholders and one director. By Thai law, 51% of the company shares are owned by a Thai national and 49% are owned by a foreign.

Setting up a business in Thailand can be challenging. There are several factors that you need to take into account before setting up a business in Thailand, such as doing your research, finding a Thai business partner and the business location.

The most frequent question asked is ‘how do you start a business in Thailand as a foreigner?’ We have all the answers for you. Our team of professionals can assist you in the preparation and completion of the registration. We provide a free consultation and a one-stop service to ensure your business is a success.

It is essential to understand Thai business law and regulations. Here are the five steps on how to register a company In Thailand: