Lockdown 3.0 in Bangkok

Businesses are ordered to close once again. Employees are left without work and pay. Business owners are suffering from loss of income while fixed expenses continue.

This is our 3rd time facing this situation and probably won’t be the last. Thailand and many other countries are facing its most serious COVID-19 cases explosion and almost everyone is affected.

90% of businesses are murdered. 10% of businesses prosper like wildfire. The only way for businesses who are still surviving is to continue to be vigilant and it’s absolutely crucial to minimize your business fixed expenses whilst keeping it afloat so when the situation improves, your business will be the 1st to bounce back.

At UnionSPACE, we have developed a New Virtual Office based on hundreds of feedbacks we have received in the hope to empower businesses like yours to power through this pandemic and to be leaner, stronger and better after that.

What’s the New Virtual Office about?

Our new virtual office is designed for existing businesses to cut 95% of their fixed office expenses and yet function as well as before. It replaced traditional offices, eliminating the need to pay for monthly commitments such as rental, electricity, internet, cleaning, staffing and more with a virtual office that provides your business with all the core functions of an office.

How can it help my business?

When your business switches to Virtual Office, you practically eliminate all your OFFICE EXPENSES except your Virtual Office subscription fee, which varies from 1,000 – 3,000 Baht per month only.

Virtual Office gives your business the following:

– A formal business address which you can use for formal purposes such as DBD, Revenue Department, Social Security and others, as well as for marketing purposes such as on your business card, websites and more.

– Your Front Desk team will receive your mails and parcels, store them for you and notify you. We can even scan your mails and email them to you so you can read them on your phone over pc.

– A local Bangkok (02) phone number just for your business.

– Trained bilingual receptionist to answer your calls in your business name, take a message, notify you and transfer the calls to you.

Ready-to-use, fully equipped meeting room for you to use when you need it.

Online portal where you can check your mails and call details as well as reserve a meeting room anytime.

One of the latest features we have included for FREE in our New Virtual Office plan is our Phone L{oo}P Service. We understand businesses are no longer 9 to 5 nowadays; therefore, we’ve developed our phones to support just that.

UnionSPACE Phone L{oo}P enables modern businesses to work anywhere, anytime by making today’s technology works for you.

Key Advantages for Businesses using UnionSPACE Phone Loop:

  1. Never Missed a Call

Incoming calls can be routed to another phone number when the default phone (destination) did not pick it up after 3 rings.

  1. Cloud Call Recording

Store an audio recording of your inbound and outbound calls for future reference or training. Additional charges apply.

  1. Dual Identity

Link one phone number to multiple devices.  Answer calls from your landline on your mobile phone while your outgoing calls only display your business phone number.

  1. After-hours Voicemail

The business has changed. It is no longer 9 to 5, so does your phone. You can now customize when you want your calls to be directed to your Voice Mail Box or not.

  1. Call History

Access your call logs (caller number, date, time and other available information) online anytime.

The big question among us is whether COVID-19 is just another flu? It is a question that the majority of us frequently ponder upon. Scientists believe that COVID-19 will never go away completely. Therefore we need to learn to live with the pandemic. An excellent example of learning to live with the pandemic is Singapore. The government in Singapore has taken the necessary steps to prepare its population to live with COVID-19 to become endemic.

Singapore has one of the lowest death tolls globally. Due to the strict measure, the government has implemented measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19. According to BBC News, Singapore surpassed the Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking and has outranked New Zealand this week.

To prevent the pandemic from being transmitted, vaccination is vital. The government in Singapore believes that by early July, two-thirds of its population will be vaccinated with the first dose. We all must follow in the footsteps of how the Singapore Government is tackling the pandemic.

In summary, many companies have now shifted to using a Virtual Office in response to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Remote working has become the ‘New Norm’ and is here to stay, that’s for sure!

UnionSPACE Phone Loop

For more information, please click here: https://unionspace.co.th/virtual-office-bangkok.php