Why should your business have a local Bangkok Landline Phone Number (02)

In this time where most communications are either via Instant Messaging, Email or VOIP calls via your favorite Apps just as WhatsApp, Line, Skype or even Video Call via Zoom or Google Meet – why the heck is it still crucial for businesses attempting to do business in Thailand to still have a local landline number.

The reason is simple. It gives your business AUTHENTICITY AND IT ALLEVIATE YOUR BUSINESS IMAGE. By having a local landline phone number, it signify that your business has a permanent office and that it is here to stay. Another crucial reason why you need to have a Bangkok Landline Phone Number for your business is – when you open a Business Bank Account, your Bank will ask you for a landline number. If you do not have it, they can’t complete your application thus you can’t open a Business Bank Account.

So what are the options.

1. Contact TOT to get a landline setup at your business premise or at home and use that number for your business correspondences or bank purposes.
2. Sign up via a 3rd party Call Answering Service Provider who can provide you with a legitimate Bangkok 02 phone number and not a VOIP number.
Here are some of the options of a 3rd party Telephony Company 

– https://www.avoxi.com/local-phone-number-did-ddi/virtual-phone-number-thailand/
– https://gocloudee.com/cloud-pbx/
– https://yalecom.co.th/
– https://unionspace.co.th/call-answering-service-bangkok.php

For this edition, we will feature: UnionSPACE Call Answering Service
UnionSPACE provides Bangkok Landline Phone Number as well as trained bi-lingual receptionist to answer your phone call in your business name and then they can either take a message or transfer the call to you. Check them out. Over 200 companies uses their service and their receptionist sounds professional and cheerful.  Fees: start from 1,000 Baht per month only (thats inclusive of a Bangkok Phone Number, Receptionist Service)

While most new businesses do not have a landline nowadays as they don’t think its important, here is how your business can take the lead and have the advantage over your competitors.

Take the leap now! Find out more at: UnionSPACE

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