How to open a company in Thailand

Choose the legal form

There are several main types of companies and the process starts by choosing a suitable one. These business forms include the ordinary and the limited partnerships, the public and the limited companies and the sole trader.

Select the available name

The name of the new company is important and it needs to be a unique one that does not infringe other names already in use by registered Thai companies. A preliminary name check can be performed.

Draw up the company documents

A Thai company is incorporated through the registration of the Articles of Association and a Memorandum. These are bylaws of the company, it’s constitutive documents that include relevant information about the business.

Register the company

Companies are required to register with the Department of Business Development belonging to the Ministry of Commerce. Founders submit a special application form, together with the company documents and other statements.

Obtain additional permits

Some companies require additional licensing from Thai Ministries. Income tax and VAT registrations are also mandatory and are to take place within 60 days after incorporation.

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