Visa and Work Permit Application Process – Thailand

The visa and work permit application process for a foreign national can be summarized into three steps as follows:

1. Apply for a 90 days single entry Non-immigrant B visa at a Thai Embassy/Consulate abroad once the company has been incorporated and registered for VAT with the Revenue department;

2. Apply for the Work permit from the labour department once the company has four Thai employees registered for social funds and the foreigner has obtained a 90 days Non-immigrant B visa from abroad;

3. Apply for the one year multiple re-entry visa extension once a work permit has been obtained, prior to the expiry of the 90 days visa. The one year visa extension application can be made either at a Thai Embassy/Consulate abroad, or at the immigration office in Bangkok.

Please note that individuals holding certain nationalities are required to apply for a WP3 letter/pre-approval for the work permit from the labour department prior to apply for the initial 90 days Non-immigrant B visa. In this case, the company must already have the four Thai employees registered for social funds prior to starting the visa/work permit application process.

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