Thai Limited Company Incorporation | Made Easy for Foreigners

What do we mean by made easy for foreigners?

As you may already know there are several ways to incorporate your business in Thailand and the most common and affordable approach to this is to register your business as a Thai Limited Company (whereby majority shareholders (51% or more) are owned by a Thai National and by using specific tools, you (foreigner) will still preserve your control over the company business as well as your bank account. The common industry term for this is called “Nominee Service”

At UnionSPACE, we received more than 100 of such inquiries per month therefore we’ve created this special package as the base plan for quick understanding and execution and yes, we acknowledge every business has different needs therefore we can still customize the requirements for you where necessary.

1. Setting up your Company

– Incorporate your business as a majority Thai Limited Company
– Subscribe to a DBD & Revenue Department Approved Virtual Office Service
– Hire a Nominee Shareholder / Director to represent you(foreigner) and hold your shares for you.
– Secure your rights and control over the company through an agreement between you and the nominee
– Further protect your rights by having the nominee to pre-sign his/her resignation form as well as share transfer form and other necessities
– Structure your Company Memorandum of Association (MOA) to restrict the rights of the nominee and to give you(foreigner) the sole rights to your Company Bank Account.

– Company Incorporation Fee for 1 Million Baht Registered Capital26,500 Baht (one-off & inclusive of all professional fees & gov’t fees)
Company Incorporation Fee for 2 Million Baht Registered Capital30,000 Baht (one-off & inclusive of all professional fees & gov’t fees)
– Hire a Nominee – 40,000 Baht per year
– Subscribe to a Virtual Office11,100 Baht per year

2. Company Maintenance & On-going Gov’t Compliance

– Hire an accountant and tax consultant to take care of all your company gov’t compliance matter

What services are included
– Bookkeeping Service (Business Ledger Data Entry)
– Social Security Registration
– Social Security Calculation and Payments
– Tax Calculation & Preparation
– PND 1 / 3/ 53 PP 30 Calculation, Preparation & Submission
– Professional one-to-one Accounting Consultation
– Legal Advisory for your Business (one-to-one)

How much?
THB13,000 per month

Contact UnionSPACE Legal team today to find out more. Our straight forward advise and service is here make doing business in Thailand easy.

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