Are you based outside of Bangkok? If you’re, you need to read this!

Did you know that you may be losing alot opportunities for not having an office or business presence here in Bangkok? Many companies, big and small, local or foreign are based in Bangkok and certainly felt much more comfortable to deal with a company that has a branch or presence in Bangkok. This make them feel you are much closer to them and should a need to meet arise, it is much easier and quicker to set it up.

As much as we hate it, many times, doing business is about partially gut feeling. Ask yourself this. Would you feel more comfortable when you do business with a company that has a Respectable Bangkok Address, Bangkok Phone Number versus one that only published their mobile phone number?

If your honest answer (if you feel) better and more comfortable doing business with someone with a proper Bangkok Business Address, and if you don’t have one – you may be losing out on many opportunities that you may not realize. In addition to this, do you think a foreign companies would prefer to buy from someone with a proper Bangkok Business Presence too?

Now that we all come to an agreement, your business can have a Bangkok Business Presence for a little as THB1,090 per month. You can rent a Virtual Office (your customer wouldn’t know) in Bangkok and continue to do business from wherever you are.

Virtual Office provides your business the following for a fixed monthly fee.
– Prestigious Business Address
– Bangkok Phone Number
– Bi-lingual receptionist service
– Mail Receiving and Forwarding (yes, we can forward all mails we received for you to you wherever you are
– You can have access to our fully equipped Meeting Room when you need it
– You can even register a branch office or your company using a Virtual Office

Imagine the possibility – how your business can benefit from a Virtual Office. Give us a call and let us share with you even more benefits you may attain by having a Bangkok Office with UnionSPACE.

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