Introducing Entreprinity

Engineering Connections Everyday

Entreprenity is an online platform that empower entrepreneurs from everywhere to connect with one another. Its build to allow entrepreneurs within vOffice Global Network,, and to fluidly communicate regardless of the distances. Entreprenity aims to be the pulse of over 20,000 creators, business owners and professionals.


Know How

Members can instantly harness the know how of other members within the community for assistance.

Advertise & Sell

Members can like wise advertise and sell their services to other members instantly.

Connect with Members

Lets member connect with members whom are not within the same region / country for wider opportunity.

Book Spaces

Lets member instantly book spaces for their meeting and working needs.

Deals & Discounts

Lets member enjoy great deals and discounts thru our 3rd party partnership.


Lets member organise and showcase their event to other members whom are business oriented. They get instant exposure.

UnionSPACE App

Included in every memberships

Our members platform enable all our members, over 24,000 of them to connect & interact and allows you to book your spaces, purchase services, snacks and others.

Be Connected 24/7

Our app makes it easy

Key Features
  • Let members view each other profile and know what products and services they are offering.

  • Members can connect with each other for collaboration.

  • Allows member to post job opportunities so other member can response for offer to help / sell their services.

  • Facilitate member to organise events within our spaces and get coverage on our network.

  • Members can follow other members to get updates of followed members updates.

  • Allows members to book meeting rooms and spaces in real time.

  • Lets member check their call answering service records, details and reports.

  • Allow members to check into a space and facilitate connections among members.

Crowd-source the community

  • Networking
  • Advice
  • Job Listings

Real-time Access

  • Book conference rooms
  • Purchase Snacks & Services
  • Manage your Calls & Mails

A few companies that trust UnionSPACE

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